Environmental Policy

At Novus Solutions, LLC, our environmental policy is to be a responsible corporate citizen in protecting the environment by being accountable for all hazardous e-waste that may be generated during our processes of collecting, dismantling, re-packaging and refurbishing end of life electronics.

  We are committed to complying with accepted environmental practices, and applicable legal and other regulatory requirements, as well as any other pertinent compliance obligation to enhance our environmental performance.

 These requirements include the “reuse, recover, dispose” hierarchy of responsible management strategies contributing to  continual improvement in our objective to protect the environment.

 We will do this by using energy efficiently to minimize the prevention of wastes and pollution. We will manage our processes, materials and our people responsibly in order to reduce the environmental impacts associated with our work. 

 We pledge to operate Novus Solutions facility with the intent of continually enhancing our environmental performance.

-Executive Management


Health and Safety Policy

At Novus Solutions, we are committed to ensuring that our electronics recycling operations are carried out in a way that provides for the health and safety of everyone, by evaluating the occupational, health and safety risks (and opportunities) that relate to our scope. Our commitments include:

We will not produce or render any service likely to cause an accident or exposure that may result in personal injury, damage to equipment or loss in the process;

We will comply with applicable legal (and other) requirements to eliminate occupational, health and safety hazards, and reduce occupational health and safety risks;

Each member of our organization is encouraged to submit suggestions and participate in establishing our health and safety program, as well as adherence to it;

As appropriate, we will seek advice from outside professional resources, regarding development of our occupational health and safety objectives, to assist with creating  a framework for setting those objectives.

We will explore and produce avenues for continual improvement of our occupational health and safety management system.

-Executive Management