Materials Accepted

Free electronics recycling for most equipment. As a public service, we are open for individual drop offs of electronic equipment. We accept the following items (not all-inclusive):

Computers/Laptops Cell Phones/ Smart Phones
Tablets Cable set top box (analog, digital, satellite)
Servers Stereo equipment
Monitors (LCD/LED)* Digital/video cameras
LCD/Plasma TVs* DVD/VCR players
Cables & all IT accessories Data Center Equipment
Hard drives Laboratory and Medical Equipment
Computer peripherals MP3 Players
Game consoles Test Equipment
Keyboards and mice Meters, Scopes, etc.
Network devices Power Distribution Units
Circuit boards/cards Mainframe Computer Equipment (ADPE)
Copiers/Fax Machines Motor Generator Sets
Video and Audio Equipment Cable Equipment
Phone Systems (PBX/IP) Cable Boxes (analog, digital, satellite)
Projection Equipment Spectrometer
Printers/Plotters Ultrasound Equipment
Scanners Server Racks
Security equipment
CRT Monitors/TVs* Projection/console TVs*

*There is a charge of $20/ea for ALL TVs and Monitors. Projection and console TVs are $35/ea.

**Hazardous equipment, or any equipment containing liquids/gases will not be accepted.


The list above is not meant to be all-inclusive. We accept all electrical and electronic devices that plug into the wall or take a battery with exception of white goods/appliances. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Charges and Fees

Some items may have a charge as listed above. This is to help offset charges that we incur to recycle the materials responsibly. If you have a large quantity of surplus or obsolete electronic equipment contact us to help find the right solution for your needs.

Commercial and Enterprise Businesses

Contact us to help with your specific IT asset disposition or electronics recycling needs.